Flugblatt: Das globale Proletariat kämpft!

Auf der refugee-solidarity-Demo gestern in Graz wurden ca. 200 Flugblätter an die Demonstranten verteilt. Es will versuchen, erste Thesen zum refugees´ protest, zur Migration, zum global kämpfenden Proletariat und zum nächsten Schritt – Ausweitung des Kampfterrains – zu diskutieren. (Leider hatten wir auf der Demo noch keine englische Version – peinlich, big sorry! Jetzt aber:)


While capitalists are building their factories all over the world
and may choose the country with the largest subsidies
people cannot choose the country in which they work.

The global proletariat is fighting!

[print version (pdf)]

[German/Deutsch (pdf)]

Those who take a look at the world will see that people are fighting everywhere against the impacts of capitalism. Since the last five to six years of crisis, masses in Iceland, North Africa and Eastern Europe have overthrown many governments. One just a few days ago – in Bulgaria! And when will government in Slovenia get dethroned? Only in masses can we overthrow governments!

The refugees´ struggle in Vienna is part of a great number of movements and protests, which sometimes achieve a victory and sometimes are beaten down, then supposed to lose drive and power, nevertheless are again flaming on more powerful somewhere else and in less time they are bringing conditions to waver that seemed to be valid forever.
For the first time in history refugees, clearly visible and audible, are not forced into the role of victims and make confident claims for improvements. But like so often in recent years their protest comes to a standstill.

Something is blocking the numerous fights against the injustices of capitalism. But what?

First, the striving for individual interests: students only demand education, workers only want to defend their jobs (or self-management), refugees »just« demand »human rights«: the right to stay and to work. Second, the limits of nation state thinking: citizens´ protests and square occupations demand a democratic state. But the movements do not carry only one soul in their breast, but also a second – the revolutionary one!

Historically, migration is the making of the working class. People chased away and deprived by the rulers (through land expropriation, colonization) try their luck somewhere else and fight for working conditions and consumption standards – because they have become a collective which can destroy the profit-making system. Accordingly they have turned the globe upside down, chasing the capital over the globe and in the financial sphere.
The refugees want that too, they want to be part of this motley crew of wage earners (nothing else is the demand for »access to the labor market«)! But we all know that the promises of happiness through work are just lies. We work overtime and produce more and more products in less time (and: »nothing gets better!«) – while people outside, the unemployed and refugees, would be happy to do just that. But once again we all know well: labor makes you sick! Everywhere and also in Austria.

It is time to abolish the separation between people who are exploited by them and those who are forced to do nothing on a global scale.

Right now workers of the Peugeot-plant in Paris are on strike, the struggle of the miners in South-Africa already lasts since August, there are strikes in Greece all the time, dockers and the transport workers are striking in the USA and in Egypt, in Germany flight attendants and right now the security workers are on strike, the Foxconn-workers are striking in China, and in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and so on, the workers of the textile-factories are on strike, etc. etc. – strikes here and strikes there which cause capitalism a painful damage (or why do you think the governments use military against collective actions?) and will put it over the edge, in its hopefully last crisis!

»Put capitalism over the edge!« We will need such demands which will bring workers, unemployed, refugees, and so on, together.

Only together with the workers we can make revolution and conquer a world without borders!


2 Responses to Flugblatt: Das globale Proletariat kämpft!

  1. ulf says:

    guten abend,

    habe euer flugblatt entwendet für einen eigenen versuch, siehe hier:


    To: https://wotwg.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/flugblatt-das-globale-proletariat-kampft/#comments
    Subject: Flüchtlingskrise&Griechenland

    Hi WOTWG,
    We are the Class War Group whose blog you linked on your page. We received and published on our blog a text from some “International Proletarians” about the so-called “Refugee Crisis”. This text materializes our class solidarity towards proletarian brothers and sisters fleeing from war and misery.
    As the authors of this text asked it to be translated in different languages like Arabic, Kurdish, Turkish, and any others that could materialize our communist internationalist solidarity, we ask you if you could take part in assuming this task and for example translate it into German?
    BTW our group also published this summer a text about the situation in Greece. We find it interesting this text to be spread in German as well. Could you translate it?
    Internationalist greetings

    Hallo WOTWG,
    Wir sind der Klassenkrieg Gruppe. Wir empfangen und auf unserem Blog ein Text aus einigen „Internationale Proletarier“ über die so genannte „Flüchtlingskrise“ veröffentlicht. Dieser Text materialisiert sich unsere Klasse Solidarität gegenüber proletarischen Brüder und Schwestern auf der Flucht vor Krieg und Elend.
    Wie die Autoren dieses Textes forderte sie auf, in verschiedenen Sprachen wie Arabisch, Kurdisch, Türkisch übersetzt werden, und alle anderen, die unsere kommunistischen internationalistische Solidarität eintreten könnten, bitten wir Sie, wenn Sie sich an der Annahme dieser Aufgabe übernehmen und beispielsweise übersetzen sie in Deutsche?
    BTW unserer Gruppe veröffentlicht auch in diesem Sommer einen Text über die Situation in Griechenland. Wir finden es interessant, diesen Text in Deutsch als auch verteilt werden. Können Sie es übersetzen?
    Internationalistische Grüße

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